Juntos: Winter 2018

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What is Juntos?

Juntos is a free program that gives Latino families the knowledge and resources necessary to succeed academically and create goals for their future. Participants can also be part of a Juntos club at their school, attend college visits, monthly activities, and more.

The future of higher education is promising and rewarding, giving everyone the chance to find a solid field and equal opportunities.

The program includes food and care of young children while students and their parents or family interested in supporting them participate in the workshop.

The workshops take place once a week for 2 weeks. ¬°ONLY TWO HOURS A WEEK! During each workshop we discuss important topics, each workshop is different, and each one provides with supportive information and materials.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Juntos program. For more information please visit the following webpage: http://opencampus.oregonstate.edu/programs/juntos/

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