Tuesday, May 18th

TBD Culminating week Track Meet

6:00pm   JV Boys Basketball @ Stanfield  Canceled

7:30pm   Varsity Boys Basketball @ Stanfield Canceled

Thursday, May 20th

3:00pm   JV Girls Basketball @ McLoughlin HS

4:00pm   JV Boys Basketball @ McLoughlin HS

6:00pm   Varsity Girls Basketball @ McLoughlin HS

7:30pm   Varsity Boys Basketball @ McLoughlin HS

Friday, May 21st

3:00pm   JV Girls Basketball vs Umatilla

4:00pm   JV Boys Basketball vs Umatilla

6:00pm   Varsity Girls Basketball vs Umatilla

7:30pm   Varsity Boys Basketball vs Umatilla

Saturday, May 22nd

10am   JH Girls Basketball @ Irrigon HS

10am   JH Boys Basketball vs Irrigon B team will play at WRE

11am   JH Girls Basketball @ Irrigon HS vs Umatilla

12pm   JH Boys Basketball vs Umatilla B team will play at WRE

Good luck Pirates!

FBLA Is having a coin drive May 10th through May 20th! See the flyer at the main office for more information.


May 25th    Senior Decision Day

May 26th    Senior Picnic Day

May 27th    Seniors Last Day

May 31st    No School Memorial Day

June 4th      Regular School Day

June 4th      Graduation Rehearsal

June 5th      Graduation Day!

June 10th    Last Day of School


  • You will need to get a parking pass to park on campus
    • There will be NO FEE for this
    • You will need to fill out the parking pass form and turn in a copy of your driver’s license, insurance and registration card. This needs to be done to avoid a parking ticket
  • No Hats/Hoods/Beanies/etc…
  • No headphones
  • No cell phones during class
  • We will be tracking Tardies
    • 5 Tardies = Lunch Detention
    • 10 Tardies = Lunch Detention
    • 15 Tardies = Attendance Contract
  • Drinks
    • All drinks that you bring to school must be in a bottle or cup with a screw top lid.
  • Check in and out at the office
    • When you arrive late
    • When you are coming back from outside
    • Going to your vehicle (this will be done with an adult and with permission)
    • Leaving for an appointment, etc…


  • If you are sick or not feeling well please stay home
  • Wear your masks at all times
  • Wash your hands and sanitize
  • Please use the crosswalk when you are crossing the street do not jaywalk