Morrow County, OR -- On Thursday, January 20, the Oregon Department of Education released graduation rates for the 2020-21 graduating class.

 Over the past 11 years MCSD has seen a 20% increase in graduation rates going from 76% in 2011-12 to 96.32% for 2020-21. The most recent rate is more than 15 percentage points higher than the 20-21 Oregon state rate, which is 80.63%. Superintendent Dirk Dirksen attributes the continued improvement in graduation rates to a shift in culture and a commitment by the adults in Morrow County to support students in innovative ways. This can be seen with commitment from families, wraparound program support, STEAM programs, internships, and early college programs.

For the graduating class of 2021 in particular it is important to highlight that MCSD was able to maintain either limited in-person or in-person learning in their high schools for the majority of the school year last year. In-person learning provided students continued opportunities to connect with teachers and move forward with their graduation requirements.

 Graduation rates broken down by individual MCSD high schools:

                                                         4-Year Rate                     4-Year Completer Rate

 Irrigon Jr/Sr High                            98.21                                100.

Heppner Jr/Sr High                      100.                                    100.

Morrow Education Center        87.50                                 93.75

Riverside Jr/Sr High                    100.                                    100.

District                                                    96.32                                  97.55

Superintendent Dirk Dirksen said that graduation is always the goal for each student in Morrow County School District. “I know that the staff in all the buildings have put in a lot of effort over the last three years in particular, working with students and families on an individual level to help them succeed while dealing with the challenges we are facing with COVID,” Dirksen said.