We have lots of great jobs - both licensed and classified! All with great benefits! https://www.morrow.k12.or.us/page/employment
6 days ago, Marie Shimer
MCSD has the best teachers!
16 days ago, Marie Shimer
Teacher appreciation
Happy Administrative Assistant Day! Our office staff are amazing!
27 days ago, Marie Shimer
Admin Assistant Day
Kindergarten Roundup is coming! MCSD will be hosting pre-registration and meet and greet sessions at all three kindergarten sites May 3rd-6th. Please visit your community's elementary website for details!
29 days ago, Marie Shimer
kinder roundup
We are hiring! Please visit our website for a complete job listing and application links! https://www.morrow.k12.or.us/page/employment Music Teacher - Windy River Elementary K-12 Grade Music/Band Teacher - Heppner Schools Innovative STEM Lab Teacher - Morrow County School District Life Skills Special Education Teacher - Morrow County School District 1st Grade Teacher - Sam Boardman Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher - Sam Boardman Elementary School Computer Technology Teacher - Irrigon Jr/Sr High School ELD Teacher - Irrigon Jr/Sr High School JH Language Arts Teacher - Irrigon Jr/Sr High School Substitutes
about 1 month ago, Marie Shimer
Job Openings
Effective 3/19/21 MCSD will no longer be doing meal delivery. Children that are doing online learning are still able to pick up meals at each school building each school day from 8 am to 12 pm.
2 months ago, Marie Shimer
MCSD will be off for spring break March 22nd-26th. Enjoy your time off!
2 months ago, Marie Shimer
spring break
Don't forget we have a time change Sunday!
2 months ago, Marie Shimer
Daylight Savings
Thank you every day to all our classified staff for their support of our teachers and students!
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Classified Week
Pictures are in. If your student doesn't attend hybrid learning please stop by the school between 7am and 3:30pm to pick up your students pictures. We will have retakes on March 10th. Las fotos ya estan aqui. Si su estudiante no atiende clases en la escuela por favor venga a recojer las fotos de 7am a 3:30pm. El 10 de marzo tendremos retoma de fotos.
3 months ago, David Norton
MCSD will be closed today Friday the 19th due to poor road conditions.
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
snow day
Seniors – attached is the link for the Carl Troedson Scholarship. This scholarship is available only to Morrow County graduates, and numerous awards are made. Every senior should apply! *The deadline is April 1. Here’s the application - https://www.csascholars.org/troedson/
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Troedson Scholarship
OABE is pleased to partner with MCSD to inform Spanish speaking families about these parent meeting opportunities. We believe these opportunities will add value to our Spanish speaking parent groups by providing additional support to their needs. As well as building collective efficacy amongst the group. The next scheduled parent meeting will be on February 26th from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. The guest speaker will be Professor Martin Davila. He is originally from Zacatecas Mexico and he is here as an exchange teacher. Currently he is working as a 4th grade DLI teacher in Canby Oregon. The theme will be, “Padres Activos en la Educación de sus hijos" Parents Actively Involved in their Children 's Education. If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Vicky Aguilar at vicky@oabe.org Antonio Ramos, antonio@oabe.org David Jaimes, Dje291980@gmail.com Araceli Farias, farias@gresham.k12.or.us Join Zoom Meeting ⁨https://bit.ly/cafecitofamiliaOABE⁩
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Parent education opportunity
Want to recognize an amazing staff member at your school? Nominate them for a 2021 Crystal Apple Award at: https://forms.imesd.k12.or.us/crystal_apple_nomination_form. Nomination Deadline is April 2, 2021. Those eligible to win a Crystal Apple are principals, assistant principals, teachers, paraeducators, office staff, maintenance staff and other district staff. Anyone can nominate. For more information, visit the Crystal Apple page on the IMESD website at: https://www.imesd.k12.or.us/page/crystal-apple-awards
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Crystal Apple Award
MCSD will be closed February 16th due to continued poor weather conditions.
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Snow day
Reminder that there isn't school Monday as we recognize President's Day. See everyone Tuesday!
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
President's Day
Thank you to Tillamook who has donated $15,000 to Riverside Jr/Sr High School. These funds will be used to purchase 3 more Pixellot Cameras to broadcast activities and events at Riverside. These additional cameras will be installed at the tennis court, baseball field and softball field. Riverside already has two of these cameras, one in the gym and one at Don Hendrix Memorial Field. The addition of the three cameras will allow people to tune in and watch all activities. As we begin athletic seasons soon, these cameras will be more important than ever as spectators will not be allowed at events. Thank you to Tillamook for making it possible for the families and friends of our students to view their activities. To view these activities please go to our NFHS school website: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/riverside-high-school-boardman-or?follow=true Gracias a Tillamook que ha donado $ 15,000 a Riverside Jr / Sr High School. Estos fondos se utilizarán para comprar 3 cámaras Pixellot más para transmitir actividades y eventos en Riverside. Estas cámaras adicionales se instalarán en la cancha de tenis, campo de béisbol y campo de softbol. Riverside ya tiene dos de estas cámaras, una en el gimnasio y otra en Don Hendrix Memorial Field. La adición de las tres cámaras permitirá a las personas sintonizar y ver todas las actividades. A medida que comenzamos las temporadas atléticas pronto, estas cámaras serán más importantes que nunca ya que no se permitirán espectadores en los eventos. Gracias a Tillamook por hacer posible que las familias y amigos de nuestros estudiantes vean sus actividades. Para ver estas actividades, visite nuestro sitio web de la escuela NFHS: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/riverside-high-school-boardman-or?follow=true
3 months ago, David Norton
Mid Columbia Bus is hiring bus drivers! This is a critical need for our district!
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Mid Columbia Busing is hiring! This is a critical need in our county to support getting as many students as possible to school. https://5il.co/p8my
3 months ago, Marie Shimer
Bus opening
Thank you to all our counseling support and the wonderful work they do each day with our students!
4 months ago, Marie Shimer
counseling week